About Me

My passion for drawing is present since I am a littele boy. From drawing Pokémon untill charecters and weapons with friends in our caravan on holidays.

Drawing doodles first became a hobby when my classmate and good friend Marcus showed me the Belgian artist Vexx when we were in 4th grade of politechnic. I tried

this completely new artstyle and soon realiced my passion for drawing semi realistic objects and comic styled motives and characters.

The hobby more and more formed into a business as I sold my first self printed posters, a phone case and my first customiced pair of shoes (which you can see in the picture on top).

At first my idea of starting my own business and trying to become a professional artist and grafic designer wasn't that big. I finished my bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and started fulltime as a design engineer. As I sat in the office on a hot pre-summer day I was thinking about working outside in the green. That was my final push into deciding to try it all out.

I resigned my fulltime job and startet working part time in another company. With that I got my first big commission to design the poster, ticket an a skatboard out of hemp for the cultiva hemp expo 2022 in Vienna.